An Ex to Grind in Deadwood (Deadwood #5) by Ann Charles

An Ex to Grind in Deadwood - Ann Charles, C.S. Kunkle
Deadwood South Dakota is one of those places you want to move to just so you can be friends with Violet, Doc and old man Harvey. What an amazing bunch of characters Ann Charles has created! I love the bloody weapons on the covers - sure they're gruesome but it just embodies everything that happens to Violet.

As usual many things are happening in Violet's life that would make a sane person crazy. In this one, her ex-boyfriend (and the father of her twins) has come to town after 10 years wanting something from Violet that she just isn't willing to give and boy is he mad when she won't. Then we have the old lady who calls Violet just before she dies in a creepy and mysterious way. And let's not forget about Detective Cooper who has always disliked Violet since she has a knack for finding dead people. And since that's not enough, how about Cooper's old partner showing up in town, harassing Violet and driving Cooper nuts and he in turn takes it out on Violet. And how about Violet's new boss who thinks Violet alone can save the realty business by billboard ads and creepy television shows. Yup Violet has a whole lotta on her plate and in this one her bestie is out of town and unable to provide succor for her crazy friend.

I loved the way it ended and hope the next installment comes quickly. Poor Violet. Come on Coop, you can do it. And bold Natalie, put on your big girl panties and go after who you want. I can't wait.