12th of Never (Women's Murder Club, #12)

12th of Never (Women's Murder Club, #12) - James Patterson,  Maxine Paetro I remember when the Women's Murder Club all worked together to solve a single mystery. Now they each have their own thing going on and none of them are supporting the others in any viable way. Lyndsay is dealing with her very sick newborn and not one of her friends is even remotely involved. Yuki is trying a shady lawyer for murdering and dismembering his wife and when the case goes to shit, none of the WMC are around to offer support. Claire has been suspended because a body disappeared from the morgue and again where are the WMC? And where the hell was Cindy? She breaks up with Rich and disappears and again not one of the ladies offers any support. Except for one brief meeting at Suzi's, the 4 main characters did their own thing and were definitely not a Club of anything.

There is just too much happening in this very short book and none of it was handled well. All the issues were glossed over and wrapped up quite easily with little to no investigation, just wallah case solved. From my count, there are six different storylines. The main storyline is about Lindsay and her sick baby. She has returned from her maternity leave and is immediately on a case involving a clairvoyant who is dreaming various murders that actually happen. Lindsay is also assisting the FBI trying to get a serial killer who just woke up from a coma to tell where his many victims are buried. An NFL quarterback's girlfriend is found murdered and then kidnapped from the morgue and poor Claire takes the heat and is sidelined. Yuki is in court trying that shady lawyer and though Lyndsay's baby is really the main story, Yuki's case takes center stage for a good portion of the book. Cindy and Rich have a falling out and Rich quickly move on. While this is a storyline, it is mentioned and glossed over quickly. With all of this going on, you'd think this would be an exciting book, well it really wasn't.

I keep reading these books because I like the characters and like to revisit them periodically to see what they are doing. This book was just too much all at once with everyone all the time. The action never let up and no one caught a break ever. Since I borrow these books from the library, it doesn't cost me anything so I'll continue reading them but I certainly wouldn't shell out $25 for it.