Barely Breathing (Breathing, #2)

Barely Breathing - Rebecca Donovan Roughly six months have passed since the events of that fateful night and Emma is now living with Sara and her parents. She has blocked out those terrible events and refused to listen to accounts of that catastrophe. When her mother re-enters her life, Emma actually moves in with her which I find bizarre. Most people would have started by having lunch or spending a weekend so I wasn't very surprised at the outcome. Anyway, Emma meets and befriends her mother's much younger boyfriend, Jonathan. The fact that she lied to everyone about this friendship was rather upsetting to me. I understand the author has to have angst to make a good story but I totally hate the necessity of unnecessary lies and deception.

This book is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs not just for Emma, but for Evan, Sara, Rachel and even Jonathan. Rebecca Donovan has penned a terrific real life story that is sure to resonate long after you finish reading the last painful page. Emma makes some seriously bad decisions that effect everyone. I have a terrible feeling that the conclusion of this series isn't going to be the HEA I'm wanting for Emma and Evan but I'll persevere and read it anyway.