Playboy's Challenge (Challenge, #3) - Jo Barrett This one wasn't as good as [b:Highlander's Challenge|5168329|Highlander's Challenge (Challenge, #1)|Jo Barrett||5235369] which was really wonderful. [b:Playboy's Challenge|17883076|Playboy's Challenge|Jo Barrett||25045516] is book three in the series and the weakest of the three. Adam Sutherland is the grown son of the hero and heroine from [b:Rogue's Challenge|4297453|Rogue's Challenge (Challenge, #2)|Jo Barrett||4345040]. He has watched his parents love and instead of wanting a love just like theirs, he wants no part of love. Well he has been burned once so it's understandable. Adam also feels that he is a disappointment to his family - he's a playboy and kind of shiftless. When his mother pushes him into the fountain and into the 1600s, he's disbelieving of time travel until his parents friends (hero/heroine from book one) get kidnapped.

I did like the interaction between Deidra and Adam. As childhood friends, Adam tortured Deidra and she's holding a grudge and Adam feels that she is practically family. Regardless the sparks are flying and when Deidra gets kidnapped he knows that family or not, Deidra is the one for him.

Each book in this series is under 200 pages and doesn't have the depth that is required to fully explore love and the situation each has found themselves. Though I did like the three books, more fleshed out characters and plots would definitely have made this series stand out. On a side note, this book definitely needed an editor to catch all the different spellings of the main characters last name (Southerland, Southernland, Sutherland, etc).