Unencumbered: Of Love, Life, and the Law - Dennis Glawe This book is terrible and there is not a likable character in the entire book (and there are tons of characters!). I feel as if the author was just trying too hard to write the perfect novel. For instance, take these few sentences...

Slowly he opened the bedroom door. It creaked bass notes at first, moving to a C-sharp as it chromatically swung open. Vinegar white light from the bathroom poured into the darkened room.

Huh? Also it was obvious that the author is a doctor as the text is too technical and offers way too much detail for procedure after procedure after procedure in the ER concerning irrelevant characters that never appear again in the story. He uses medical jargon (ex B.I.D.) and then in parentheses writes (by mouth) or a doctor will use an abbreviation for some disease and then again parentheses tell what it is in layman's terms. It reads like an episode of Grey's Anatomy (only not as exciting) and relentlessly unending.

This is not an author I would read again.