Aunt Dimity Down Under (Aunt Dimity Series #15)

Aunt Dimity Down Under (Aunt Dimity Series #15) - Nancy Atherton
I hate to start a series on book 15 but that's the one I needed for a challenge (a book set in New Zealand) so that's where I began. I really liked it and will definitely be starting the series at book 1 to familiarize myself with Lori and her family as well as, the Pym sisters when they were healthy and presumably fun.

On their deathbed, the Pym sisters ask Lori Shepherd to find Aubrey. Now you ask WTH is Aubrey? Well that's Lori's question as well and when she finds out that he is in New Zealand, she's off on an adventure to find the long-lost relative. Lori's adventure takes her all over the North and South Islands searching for Aubrey who seems to always be one-step ahead of her.

I have always been interested in visiting New Zealand and Atherton's descriptions have just reinforced my desire. The islands sound absolutely gorgeous and the people have that laid back quality that makes life so unstressful and enjoyable (unlike life in New Jersey). I particularly liked her references to the Maori and their traditions - the native people of New Zealand and Australia are eminently fascinating.