The Fire Lord's Lover (The Elven Lords, #1)

The Fire Lord's Lover (The Elven Lords, #1) - Kathryne Kennedy Dominic Raikes is terrified of his domineering father who has a tendency to torture and kill his friends in an effort to keep Dominic in line. In order to survive and protect his few remaining friends, Dominic has repressed all his feelings and emotions and is simply going through the motions while silently plotting to overthrow (kill) his father. When he is forced to marry Lady Cassandra, he is determined to hate her and stay aloof. Well Lady Cassandra just doesn't understand the situation and starts changing things (bringing life back into Dominic's world). Of course, Dominic is not happy about this because it's forcing him to experience his emotions and develop a fondness for Cassandra.

A wonderful story that shows that not everything is what it seems. A really great start to the series and it should be interesting to see where it goes next.