On Ice

On Ice - David Ramus A difficult story to get into. I can't put my finger on my dislike of Ben Hemmings and the story unfolds in short bursts - one chapter present time, the next past, then present again. It's very disconcerting and confusing. Heck, we don't even find out why he's been in jail for 18 months until Chapter 6 (53 pages into the story). It's tough to care about the characters when you don't know what the heck is going on.

As a rule I don't like prison books and had I realized a good portion of this book took place in a prison, I probably would have skipped it. IMHO it would have been better if events happened in sequence, putting the prison section in the middle of the book, which would have given you adequate time to get acquainted with the main characters. And don't even get me started on FBI agent Partone.

I'm not much on horse breeding either but the mystery itself was interesting and there were some real surprises that livened things up a bit. All in all not a bad book, just not my thing. If I hadn't needed a book set in Alabama for a challenge, I think I would have given this up in the first 50 pages since the action didn't really start until more than halfway through the book.