Red Phoenix - Kylie Chan The only complaint I had about this book was remarkable Emma. Everything she did or said was deemed remarkable. It got irritating real fast. At times I found Emma annoying and domineering, heck bitchy even. Don't get me wrong, I like Emma and I like this series but the author really needs to cool it with the whole remarkable thing. Oh yeah and the sex scenes between Emma and John were ridiculous. They finally get an opportunity to touch and he just falls on her. Seriously? And she's okay with that. Really?

The relationship between Emma and John moves in odd directions in this story. John continues to weaken while Emma's powers are growing by leaps and bounds. I wasn't surprised that Emma could shift forms but it was fun to read about. I continue to enjoy the glimpses of Chinese culture and the mythology woven throughout the whole series. It's enlightening and yet entertaining.

I'll be reading [b:Blue Dragon|1771764|Blue Dragon (Dark Heavens, #3)|Kylie Chan||1769920] shortly to see how it all ends. I can't wait.