Emissary - Fiona McIntosh I had the same issues with book two as I had with the first book - I hate the whole harem thing and the way the girls are treated as well as the unnecessary brutality of this way of life. That aside, I really like this series. Of course, Lazar is my favorite character and what he has gone through is heartbreaking and unfortunately unending. And poor Ana, stuck in the harem, enslaved by the Zar and in love with Lazar. Will she ever catch a break?

I found myself screaming and wanting to slap the heck out of Valide, what bitch! I'm not a religious person but I like the whole Lyana vs Zabar thing. I find it interesting how Ms. McIntosh is drawing out the suspense as to who and when though we clearly know the why. I like that it isn't obvious who are the main players in this though knowing the main characters of the book, it's sort of clear who will be involved just not how exactly.

Like all fantasy books, this is a slow read that takes time to digest what is actually happening, as well as what is being put in motion by the various factions - good, bad and otherwise. I loved how this one ended and can't wait to get my hands on the conclusion.