Taking Eve - Iris Johansen When Jane MacGuire is finally set to return to Georgia to spend time with Eve Duncan and Joe Quinn, events happen that send her to the Caribbean instead. Events set in motion by a crazy man who kidnaps Eve to reconstruct his equally crazy son who was cremated by the guys who killed him. There are tons of things going on in this book (the first of an inter-series trilogy about Eve). Not only has Jane resurfaced but Seth Caleb and Mark Trevor have returned with her and there's quite a bit of love triangle going on between them. Joe Quinn is tangling with CIAs Venable who's doing his best to be close-mouthed about what's really going on. Assassin Lee Zander appears periodically but doesn't really do anything in this installment (a set up for book two)? And a newbie has entered the story, Margaret, the dog whisperer. Hmmm it'll be interesting to see how she fits in with Eve's gang. All in all a great start to Eve's soliloquy.