First You Run (Bullet Catchers Series #4)

First You Run (Bullet Catcher, #5) - Roxanne St. Claire I love Roxanne St. Claire's writing. She has the perfect blend of romance, suspense and danger with the ideal hero and perfect heroine. This book is no different. It is part of the Bullet Catchers series but it's not a series that needs to be read in order since each book has a different h/h chasing down criminals with no connection to each other.

This one has Australian Adrien Fletcher helping out a former-Bullet Catcher friend, Jack Culver who is searching for a baby illegally adopted 30 years ago. Fletch has the list of possible women and the only clue he has is a tattoo somewhere on the woman. Fletch spends a lot of time seducing these women to find the right one. When he stumbles upon Miranda Lang, an anthropology professor embarking on a book tour, danger appears as well and he is loathe to leave her.

This dual investigation: Jack in South Carolina investing the conspiracy that got Eileen Stafford (the mother) convicted of murder while Fletch is in California protecting Miranda from a group of fanatics trying to kill her - is an interesting way to transfer needed info from Jack to Fletch and back again. I will definitely be picking up Then You Hide and reading about Wade Cordell, who made a brief appearance at the end of this book.