Lover at Last - J.R. Ward I loved that Blay and Qhuinn finally got their HEA but why were there so many side stories? I guess it's to set up future books with new characters but man did Ward have to do it in Qhuay's book? They had very little actual face time for supposedly being the focus of the story. I understand why both Qhuinn and Blay acted and said what they did but I would have liked them to have resolution before the final chapter of the book. Though I did find that final scene very romantic.

I felt that the Xcor and BoB's were extraneous in this one. Their POVs didn't move the plot along at all. Though I did like the Xcor and Layla thing. It will be interesting to see how Ward makes that happen. I even liked Assail and Sola and I'm wondering who kidnapped her and why. I took 4 days to read this just so I could savor it and honestly if I'd only red the Qhuinn and Blay parts, I could have finished it in an hour or so. So sad.