Sleep No More - Iris Johansen As usual, I greatly enjoyed this Eve Duncan book. Though I must admit that I was concerned where Iris Johansen was going to take Eve being that she finally (after 11 books) got closure on her daughter, Bonnie's disappearance. I liked the addition of a half-sister for Eve. It certainly explained why her mother, Sandra was so angry at Eve and stand-offish. Though this reveal was very painful for Eve, it just proved that her mother really didn't love her at all. Though it was more that she was incapable of loving anyone but herself and her missing daughter, Beth, of course. Though Eve came to grips with her mother's attitude a long time ago, I thought it was interesting that Eve embraced her half-sister at all but with her being in such grave danger, how could she not.

I liked the political angle as it gave a reasonable explanation for the machinations of Nelda Avery considering the pedophile nature of her son, the supposed presidential candidate. Nothing like burying old family secrets in a mental institution.

It will be interesting to see where Ms. Johansen takes the series now.