On Stranger Tides - Tim Powers I had high hopes for this book since I absolutely loved the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (though I haven't seen the one based on this book). I just loved the slap-stick humor, the ridiculousness of the plots and the zany characters. Unfortunately this book didn't entail any of that kookiness. Many elements of the story are great but the author never really gets it all together at the same time. The characters are pretty much flat, the pacing is all over the place and the whole voodoo thing is too complicated to follow. And I was completely thrown when half of the characters took new names. The story has voodoo and zombies, magic galore, pirates, kidnapped persons turned pirate and the Royal Navy even makes an appearance or two. Heck even Blackbeard has a starring role. Regardless of the promising premise, the novel just fell flat. I'm hoping that the movie industry does a better job with this should-be fascinating story.