Mrs. Pollifax and the Lion Killer - Dorothy Gilman When Prince Sammat calls Kadi for help, Kadi and Mrs. Pollifax high off to Africa to help an old friend. Apparently someone is butchering people in a fashion similar to a lion attack - only there are no lions in Ubangiba. Sammat is in desperate trouble as the people blame him and think sorcery is the cause of these terrible deaths. Even though the local inspector is investigating, he isn't having any luck so Kadi and Mrs. Pollifax dig in to help - behind the scenes of course. On a second plot, Kadi is in danger as well because when her parents were killed (in the previous book), Kadi was a witness and now maybe someone is trying to kill her too. Oh and there is a third plot as well, during the opening of the coal mine, an possible archeological site has been found and looting is a possibility. All in all, not a bad story though you should probably read [b:Mrs. Pollifax Pursued|149470|Mrs. Pollifax Pursued (Mrs. Pollifax, Book 11)|Dorothy Gilman||1190880] first.

I liked Mrs. Pollifax and Kadi though she is young and impulsive so I will be reading more in this series. Hmmm maybe I'll even start from the beginning.

I'm a little disappointed though not exactly with the book. I picked this up because I needed to read a book set in the Central African Republic which I was told this was only to find out that it is in fact, set in the fictional country of Ubangiba which may or maybe not actually be the Central African Republic. And if that isn't enough to annoy me, I also found out (while reading no less) that this is actually a sequel to [b:Mrs. Pollifax Pursued|149470|Mrs. Pollifax Pursued (Mrs. Pollifax, Book 11)|Dorothy Gilman||1190880]. So for my purposes, reading this book was a total waste of time. Darn it, I hate when that happens.