The Cold Room - J.T. Ellison This is the second Taylor Jackson book I've read so the references so I had no idea who The Pretender was except that he was a criminal who got away in a previous book. I liked the mystery of who was starving and murdering women in Tennessee (and Italy). I liked having chapters from the killer's perspective as it tells you the why as opposed to just being creeped out by the thought of necrophilia. Yup this serial killer was a freaky dude. Everything gets explained eventually and you understand why he is how he is but it's still creepy and very disgusting.

I didn't completely understand the whole Memphis thing. There wasn't anything there to conflict Taylor who is supposed to be secure in her man, Dr. John Baldwin, FBI profiler. I didn't sense an attraction from Taylor's perspective though he found him to be an interesting person. I did find it surprising that Taylor didn't shoot him down a little more forcefully when she realized her "not interested" wasn't doing the trick. Unfortunately, it appears as if Memphis will be coming to America and continue to be an issue. It will be intriguing to see how Ms. Ellison handles the situation.

I now need to go back and read books 2 and 3 to get up to speed on The Pretender.