Q Is For Quarry (Kinsey Millhone #17) - Sue Grafton Private Eye Kinsey Millhone joins up with Lieutenant Detective Conrad Dolan and ex-detective Stacy Oliphant to investigate the 18 year old case of a murdered Jane Doe dumped in the local quarry. It's an interesting search with many twists and turns. I enjoy Kinsey's sense of humor and I liked her interactions with both Dolan and Stacy.

The one thing I can never understand about these books is Kinsey's desire to visit Rosie's Diner every night. The food is atrocious and she spends most nights hiding her dinner in a napkin and tossing it in the garbage. So what's the point of going in the first place? And Sue Grafton tends to go overboard on the descriptions. For instance, when Kinsey enters the mechanics shop, she details every single tool that is hanging on the wall. Or when she sees an ad in the yellow pages, she reads every single item that is sold at a hardware store. WTF? Definitely TMI.