The Ape Who Guards the Balance (Amelia Peabody, #10) - Elizabeth Peters Even though once again, Radcliffe Emerson is stuck clearing already excavated tombs - a task that they all find boring - life with this gang is never dull. Undercover Ramses, David and Nefret stumble across a spectacular papyrus of unknown origins which segues into an exciting adventure where someone is trying to kill them. Of course, Amelia can't keep her nose out of trouble and Emerson can't keep his mouth shut so chaos reigns. At times funny and sad, this is a typical adventure for Peabody and Emerson. I really like this series. I love the family dynamics between Peabody and Emerson as well as between Ramses, David and Nefret. And as far as I know, the historical information is accurate and interesting.