Waking Nightmare - Kylie Brant I really really liked this book which is surprising because it's been on my TBR since 2009 and I kept passing it up and I'm not sure why. I can't remember what I thought it was about but it's a romantic suspense story with a strong murder mystery theme which is one of my favorite genres. Well anyway I finally picked it up and read it and loved it.

Lead detective Ryne Robel has a past that haunts him and mindhunter Abbie Phillips has a twisted tortured past as well. So we have two damaged leads and the clues to their pasts are slow coming which draws out the suspense. Savannah has a nasty serial rapist running around torturing his victims but leaving them alive to suffer for the rest of their lives. Ryne and Abbie work on the task force to find this creep. The clues and red herrings are many but none of this gives the reader enough information to detect the villain. The villain is a complete surprise and an interesting twist in itself. I enjoyed the mystery, the investigation, the romance between Ryne and Abbie and the villain's point of view. I liked having the villain's perspective not for the gruesome details (because they aren't given) but for the mindset and reasons behind his actions. However, I did think the ending was rushed. All of a sudden 3 months have passed and all the angst between Abbie and Ryne has miraculously disappeared. It would have been interesting to read how this conclusion was reached.

This is the first book I've read by Kylie Brant but it certainly won't be the last.