Witch Fury - Anya Bast I was disappointed in this story. I just couldn't get into it. I don't like Sarafina - she comes across as a TSTL female who you just want to smack. And Theo is usually my kind of hero - gorgeous, bossy, alpha. So I can't figure why I'm not liking this. Maybe it's just that there is no real chemistry between Sarafina and Theo. There was more chemistry between Sarafina and Stefan, the bad guy.

Why do all authors feel the need to put an anal sex scene in their books now? Since when is that acceptable in a paranormal romance? If I want to read that, I'll pickup an erotic novel which features that kind of shit. Sarafina and Theo weren't even having sex when he started messing with her ass. It came totally out of left fiend and was beyond unexpected and just wrong. Honestly I wasn't enjoying the book anyway but that just finished it for me.