Chalice of Roses - Jo Beverley, Karen Harbaugh, Barbara Samuel, Mary Jo Putney The Raven and The Rose by Jo Beverly ★★
I liked the premise but it turned out to be way too religious for my tastes. Actually caused me to put this book down for a full week dreading the other three stories which turned out to be not as religious and mostly enjoyable.

White Rose of Scotland by Mary Jo Putney ★★★★
Excellent story with a sweet romance during a dangerous mission to recover the Holy Grail from an evil German sorcerer during WWII.

The English Rose by Karen Harbaugh ★★
I liked the concept of this story but I didn't feel any real connection bewteen Arabella and William. The relationship seemed forced, not a natural progression. But what can you expect from a 100 page story?

Eternal Rose by Barbara Samuel ★★★★
This is a story that could have easily been expanded to full length. I loved poor William and Alice was the perfect heroine, thoroughly caught up in the Ballad of William so when he entered her dreams and later her life, she had no trouble believing in fairies. A sweet love story with an intersting premise.