The Complete Idiot's Guide to Classical Mythology - Kevin Osborn;Dana Burgess I've always been intrigued (and confused) about Mythology. I could never remember which Gods were Greeks, Romans or Titans. This book helped to define who's who while detailing various exploits and adventures of the Gods and the mortals with whom they interacted (and whose lives they destroyed!) Written in simple English with a humorous bent to make reading 432 pages enjoyable while being informative. Though if you value your sanity, don't attempt to read it cover to cover in one sitting or your brain might actually explode.

One thing I realized was that I knew and understood more than I thought about Greek Mythology. Must be all those Sherrilyn Kenyon books I've read! The Roman's were a complete mystery until I realized they just copied everything the Greeks did. I've heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but those Romans took it a little too far.

After reading this book, I'm amazed that the Gods survived at all with all the infighting, incest, wars, rape, treachery, etc. And it's no wonder I'm confused. It took the author 50 pages (listed like a dictionary) to spell out who's who in classical mythology. Yes I did say 50 pages!

I'm glad I read it and I did make a cheat sheet so I should be good to go for any future questions.